Planting Planner    
  Plant your vegetable or flower garden according to your very own schedule.


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Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

For the Full or Trial version
Use the Planting Planner to enter the growing details for the plants and varieties you want to grow. Then plan sowing and harvesting activities for each of your seeds or seedlings. The schedule will show when to harvest your crops!

The free trial period of Planting Planner will give you full access to a three month schedule for 30 days. After that time you can register the Full version to enable the entire twelve month schedule - all of your data will be saved.

Click on the Register Now button to get your free 30 day trial registration code or to purchase the Full version. Purchasing the Full version will give you free updates until the next major version release, as well as a discounted upgrade when the next version is available.

FREE Support
As a Planting Planner user you are entitled to FREE customer support, even if you are using the Trial version.

Quick & Easy Installation
The installation process takes only a short time, with default values offered for all options.

A full 12 month rotating schedule
The Full version allows you to create and view a full 12 month schedule. This schedule may be used year after year, perhaps with some modifications, giving you a full rotating planting and harvesting cycle.

Easy to use interface
A single screen layout is used to provide a simple to use interface. All data is displayed in the same area, a standard toolbar provides access to most standard actions, and a tree view is used to navigate plants and varieties.

Define growing details for your environment
Each plant and variety has its own set of growing parameters. These may be adjusted to suit your particular country, region, or environment.
Colour-coded Schedule
The schedule colour codes each activity type to make it easy to see what you are doing and when. Activity types are grouped within each month. Double-clicking on any activity type for an activity will open it for editing or deletion.

Inheritable planting parameters
Plant varieties may inherit their parameters from the parent plant. Any changes to the plant will be reflected in these varieties.

Includes many plants and varieties
The default data file comes complete with a range of common plants and varieties, enabling you to begin creating your schedule immediately.

Add your own plants and varieties
Easily add your own set of plants and varieties that you would like to grow and harvest. Simply enter the growing details and then add the activities to your schedule.
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